Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Go ahead, crack my back

I received my very first chiropractic adjustment this evening. I'd been hearing good things about the chiropractor down the hall from my midwives' office, so when I started experiencing lower back and pelvic pain, I made an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Manning. He specializes in prenatal chiropractic care, and while I've seen a couple of male patients there, most of the people I saw there obviously with child.

The evaluation was thorough and I liked Dr. Manning personally. He pointed out the scoliosis I'd been diagnosed with during an elementary school screening, showed Josh how one of my legs was slightly longer than the other and said my pelvis and sacrum were out of whack. (No surprise there: my yoga teacher's pointed out my back problems before.) He also took a bunch of measurements with a weird little scanner and told me to come back the following week for my results.

And that's where things got a little weird. The results one-on-one were preceeded by group orientation with two other new patients. He showed this terrible Maximize Your Potential PowerPoint presentation full of New Age mumbo-jumbo about the miracle of chiropractic care. It sounded so Scientology-esque I began to worry the guy was going to pull out a Tom Cruise-approved e-meter.

I made an appointment, but reached out to my primary care doctor to make sure I wasn't being taken in by a quack. She recommended I go forward with the treatments, and that's why I showed up today.

And you know what? I still don't buy all the hocus-pocus, but I feel great.