Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day is underway

This year I ordered a booklet of photo stickers from Moo, choosing only pictures of the girls. I then let Z and A go to town, pasting their faces on Valentines for their classmates. Z crafted her own cards with red and white construction paper, markers and stickers (I was so disappointed to find Michaels sold out of doilies), while A "signed" a stack of 30 Princess cards with her smiling mug. Anyway, I'm congratulating myself on figuring out a fun way to personalize cards for kids who can't write (and their friends who can't read).
In other Valentine's Day news, we got to redeem the "Valentine's Day Party with Miss Orfei" prize we'd bid on at the preschool holiday silent auction. A picked 6 friends to join her after school for crafts and chocolate chip cookie baking with her Montessori teacher.

I'm actually going to miss February 14th with the family because I have a weekend photoshoot in New Orleans and I'm staying through Monday to do a little sightseeing. Feeling guilty, I walked over to Old Navy at lunch yesterday and picked out heart-emblazed tee shirts for the kids.

Only to realize I'd left my wallet at the office.