Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Starting 36 off on the right foot

UntitledI got 3 new things for my 36th birthday last month. My mom and in-laws gave me cash, which I put towards a brand new pair of roller skates. I decided, two years into skating twice a week with Derby Lite, that I'm definitely committed and ready to upgrade. And boy did I ever. Getting fitted for these top-of-the-line Riedell boots, trucks and wheels from Steve at Lombard Roller Rink was like trading in a beat-up Kia for a Rolls Royce. (Only for now I'm keeping my 2 sizes too large R3s for outdoor skating. Look for me in the Oak Park Fourth of July parade tomorrow.)

I'd sent Josh a few hints about what I might want, including a Zappos link to these fabulous Kork-Ease platform sandals. And that's exactly what I got. Since they're pretty much my favorite color, they match fully 50 percent of my summer wardrobe. In fact, I'm wearing them again today!

The other gift I received was a total surprise--a lovely, delicate gold bar necklace with a teeny, tiny diamond in it--from my friend Kate. It doesn't look like anything else I own, but I love it so much. And wearing delicate jewelry in this beastly heat is a revelation, I tell you.

Growing another year older isn't just about getting new stuff. I'm getting a new job! I'm not leaving Leo Burnett/Arc, but I'm getting to broaden the number of brands I work on and start a brand new team focused on concept development.