Monday, August 06, 2012

Sky High Sports: I might as well jump

One small view
Lest you think our weekend was nothing but a Renaissance Faire orgy of pizza, pickles and chocolate crepes, I did take the girls to an indoor trampoline park way up north in Niles on Saturday morning.

Sky High Sports is roughly the same size as Melrose Park's Monkey Island (imagine an airplane hangar), but jumping around is about where the similarities end.

Unlike MI, which is a warehouse full of sticky kids-only bouncy houses, Sky High Sports is a sleek, clean warehouse of continuous trampolines that all ages can jump on. It was virtually empty on a Saturday morning at 10am.

Somewhat annoyingly, the trampoline areas (which are huge!) are divided by 7 and up and 6 and under--which splits up my kids. Fortunately, the age limits are not as strictly enforced as the sternly worded rule posters might imply. My small 7 year old was able to jump both with her 5 year old sister in the kids zone and with me in the adult zone. Adults, however, are only allowed to "gently bounce" on the kids' trampolines.

In addition to the basic trampoline areas, Sky High had trampoline tracks that led into foam pits (the bigger you are, the harder it is to climb out of) and trampoline courts for dodgeball. ("No way!" said my girls as they watched a dozen 10 year old boys pummel each other.)

Admission is $11 for the first hour and $3 per hour thereafter. We were pretty sweaty, thirsty and out of breath after our first hour, so we left.

And promptly pigged out on hot dogs and fries at Superdawg, an original drive-in just a short drive away.