Friday, February 01, 2013

Things fall into place

Earlier this week I was in no mood to blog. I was working until 9:30pm on a high profile project, Ada was coughing through the night, and both girls were waking up cranky and fighting through breakfast. I was pissy and tired had no energy to tidy the clutter overtaking the house. I was also PMSing.

But the winds shifted, as they always do. Of course, this time the shifting winds brought an arctic chill to Chicago (I'm talking a windchill of -14F), but they also brought amazing client feedback at work, glowing reports from my kids' teachers (emails from Ada's directress and a parent-teacher conference with Zoe's teacher), and a corresponding lift to my mood. Which was then further improved by a 2 hour Derby Lite practice last night and a free lunch at work today.

Ada, finger knitting a scarf for her teacher. In other news, Ada has suddenly grown up! She lost all her baby fat, learned to read, add and subtract and bravely got her ears pierced. Now I'm getting photos from her teacher of her writing stories and teaching her classmates about Pablo Picasso. At home she was still a little wild and annoying (what is with the whiny voice), so I taught her finger knitting, which she quickly picked up. It gives her something quiet to focus on and doesn't leave her manic like the TV does.