Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mom's in town and the drywall's going in

I took today off work to spend time with my kids, who had a half day, and my mom, who flew in from Virginia to watch the girls over the weekend while Josh and I head down to Louisville with friends for a weekend of amazing food and drink. I spent the morning looking at granite, marble and cesarstone remnants, finally finding a suitable piece greenish limestone-looking piece for our master bath counter. Then I headed to the showroom to pick carpeting for the basement and talk paint with the designer, Lauren.

I also arranged to stop by the new house in the afternoon so I should take a look at the progress and show it off to my mom and her husband. When we got there, an enormous truck with a crane was swinging drywall across the sidewalk and up into the front door. But the guys on site graciously let us traipse around the house, which has framing, insulation, mechanical, electrical and plumbing installed.

20131010_150118 The siding has gone on the back and one side of the house, and I'm so pleased and relieved that I like my choice in both the siding and the aluminum trim.

Up next: finalizing paint choices and the stain for the wood floors.

But first: Louisville without kids!