Sunday, December 30, 2007

Product Review: Disney Princess Sing-a-long Book

I'm going to be honest here. When Publications International asked me to take a look at one of their licensed character karaoke books, I had low expectations. As publishers go, they're pretty frickin' lowbrow and really, with 12 pairs of Princess underpants, does my 3-year-old need one more Disney Princesses item?

Need? Obviously not. But she loves her "princesses karaoke book" and has played with it every day for month, which is saying something as far as I'm concerned. It's decidedly not an "educational" item, but because she needs to enter in a 3-digit alphanumeric code to play each song, she's learned to read the codes on each page and type them into the keypad.

The book comes with a cordless microphone (batteries not included). We never bothered putting batteries in since Z is perfectly content with a mute mic. She simply picks up the microphone, holds it to her chin and wags her head in time with the music. And I think I know why: none of the songs are actually from the Disney Princess movies!

It bugs me that a Disney Princess Sing-a-long book wouldn't include the greatest hits of the Disney Princesses. Instead, they're just common domain tunes with new, more Princess-y lyrics printed on the book's pages. For example, "Where is Thumbkin?" is "Where is Flounder?" But since Z isn't reading yet, she has no idea. She just likes hearing the tunes and the follow-up encouragement from one of the princesses. In fact, she's convinced that Cinderella is going to sing a duet with her one of these days.