Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sometimes Mom needs a little mothering

My mom was here this weekend, and thank G-d. I wasn't sick, I'm not pregnant and no major crises were looming, but I'd been burning my metaphorical candle at both ends for so long I just wanted to hang up my Supermom cape for a couple of days.

So I let myself be mothered. Mom got up with A and fed her breakfast. She helped with dishes and laundry, and ran to Trader Joe's for me (and paid!). She babysat for A on Monday, playing Play-Doh and choo-choo for hours. She even taught her her colors!

She cooked me my favorite meals on Sunday and Monday nights and prepared macaroni and cheese for us to eat after she and Rick left this morning. It was awesome.

There's nothing quite like being a mother to make you appreciate being mothered. Thank you, Mom.