Saturday, January 09, 2010

Date night dinner at OTOM

Last night Josh and I booked a babysitter and had dinner at OTOM, the less expensive, less adventurous sibling to MOTO. MOTO and OTOM are right down the block from Publican, scene of our 10th anniversary date and one of my favorite meals of all time.

The interior was sleek, the service down-to-earth and the food was amazing. Josh shared his garlicky duck egg drop soup with me and I had the vegetable plate, which featured 6 veggie-heavy mini-dishes, including a friend green tomato, a bowl of a pea-flecked risotto dish, asparagus and pomegranate salad, fried tofu, sauteed broccoli rabe on a shrimp chip and fried cream cheese won tons in a sweet and sour sauce. I ate every bite and still had room to share the chilled chocolate dome with Josh. It took all my self-control to keep from picking up the plate and licking it clean.

When the check came, Josh guessed it would be close to $90, but it was only $51 before tip--thanks in part to a $10 discount from Ala Card Chicago--but also due to our not indulging in one of their famous, yet pricey, cocktails.

Still feeling a little culinarily inspired, we picked our meals for the upcoming week and I baked a loaf of bread. Tomorrow we may make the drive to Hearty for brunch as I have a $50 gift certificate sitting on my fridge.