Sunday, December 12, 2010

Prom picture

My colleague Andrea isn't just an incredibly talented art director and graphic designer. No, the overachiever has to have amazing fashion sense, look stunningly beautiful and throw great holiday parties. This year's party was "prom" themed and included a classic photo set-up for guests. Josh and I didn't last much past 10 o'clock thanks plenty of mulled wine and the exhausting nature of our previous affair, a 3 hour preschool holiday extravaganza.

I'm wearing a JB by Julie Brown wrap dress my friend Jani picked out for me on Bluefly. Word to the wise: if you have a small child, consider double-knotting your wrap dress belt. The first time I wore it A tugged on the belt while half-climbing my leg and the dress kinda sorta fell open. At synagogue.