Sunday, December 05, 2010

The groothsome toothsome girls


How is it two girls can bicker all day, have a delightful time in the bathtub, and then bicker again until bedtime?

I love these photos because, looking at them, I can almost forget the pushing. The screaming. The name-calling that goes on all day long. Or at least any time they think they've got an audience.

Also, check out those teeth. Z lost one of her two front teeth on Thanksgiving, and the other one is hanging on by a thread. It sticks out perpendicular to the floor, lending her a rather ogre-like appearance. And then there's A's dead front top tooth, which has darkened to a pretty noticeable gray. We're still resisting having it yanked because I figure a gray tooth is somewhat less noticeable and certainly more functional than no tooth.