Monday, June 07, 2010

Soon to be a hillbilly (maybe)

We just got word from our pediatric dentist that A's little gray tooth has got to go. She damaged both of her front teeth months ago when she took a flying leap off the couch and slammed her chompers into a trunk, but the one on her right side is more damaged than the other.

The dentist is recommending that at a minimum we pull the gray tooth, but he also suggested we pull both of her two front teeth and fill the space with a partial until her adult teeth start growing in. It would definitely look better, but it would also cost quite a bit more. I think right now we're leaning toward the wee little hillbilly look.

Or perhaps doing nothing at all, which plenty of people do. There is a risk of abscess (in which case she'd be in pain, there'd be some risk of infection and we'd have to pull the tooth). And there's also a minor risk of her adult tooth being pitted if we don't pull. Decisions, decisions.

Kind of glad that I scheduled our first ever family portraits (with fellow Oak Parker and preschool parent Paul Goyette) for this coming weekend. We'll be able to capture A's adorable, impish grin before it's too late.