Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Huggies Jeans: go blue for poo

Although I think they're uglier than sin, Huggies new Jeans Diapers are kind of genius. I can imagine the brainstorm over at Kimberly-Clark:

"Market research shows that moms dress their babies in just a diaper and a sometimes a t-shirt when it's hot."
"So, tell me what's cool these days."
"Jeans are always cool."
"Yeah, but jeans are hot when it's hot."
"Baby jeans are so cute."

Cue lightbulb.

As for the commercial, I think it's tasteless and awesome in equal measure. It's memorable and there's no doubt about what the product is, how it is to be worn or who makes it.

But you know what's way cuter than diaper-clad toddlers? Potty-trained kids hanging out in their underpants. Or maybe that's just me.