Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome to Weaverville

We left Oak Park around noon on Thursday, stopped for an hour in Indianapolis, and spent the night in Florence, Kentucky.

This morning we hung out in Lexington, eating a late second breakfast at the Alfalfa Restaurant and exploring the Explorium Children's Museum. We hit the road again around 1pm and let the kids burn off some energy at a McDonald's PlayLand in Knoxville, TN, before finally pulling into the drive of our vacation rental in Weaverville around 6pm. Z was amazingly well behaved the whole way. A, not so much.

We're here with my mom and stepdad and my sister and her family. Z's excited to show off all her newly-aquired swimming skills in the pool and A's delighted have her same-aged cousin to play with. Josh and I are looking forward to some grandparental babysitting, which will more that make up for the fact that we always end up sleeping separately when on vacation (we're each bunking with a different kid).