Sunday, June 13, 2010

We made t-shirts at Frankie's

Thanks to an invitation from one of my oldest and best blog friends, Sara, the kids and I joined a few of my other favorite bloggers at the Lincoln Park tween boutique Frankie's on the Park. We headed upstairs to the Graffiti Bar, where you can page through binders of graphic transfers and have them applied to a tee shirt or hat.

We'd brought our own tees, $2 tank tops from Old Navy for the girls and an old ringer tee of Josh's, and the girls picked their own designs.
Notice anything different about Z's ears?

A chose a cupcake and I added the number 3 to her back since she's almost 3 years old. Her collection of cupcake tee shirts is now at three.
Check out the big-eyed shy face she's giving the employees

Z picked a retro-ish dog and the number 5 after lingering over a glittery penguin and some cheese-ball dolphins.


After she'd warmed up a bit, A checked out her new tee in the mirror and hung out with Carrie's daughter, whom she'd met at the farmers market a couple of weeks ago.

We couldn't find the perfect design for Josh, so the girls decided to have "DADDY" emblazoned in 70s-style letters on the front.