Friday, June 11, 2010

The red sea

Let it be said that while the Blackhawks players are a tasty bunch, Blackhawks fans as a whole look kind of trashy. At least those pumped enough to fill downtown Chicago streets for the ticker-tape parade and rally today. I saw girls who'd managed to slut-up their red t-shirts with some creative cutting and twisting. Those tees were paired with big hair and super-short jean cut-offs, rolled up.

They were a sight to behold. And the guys? Suffice it to say I saw a lot of big guts, mullets and long goatees. The Loop smelled like day two of Lollapalooza: sweat, sunscreen, cigarettes and port-a-johns.

But the energy was palpable and that was kind of cool.

The photo is a view of the parade from my office window taken on my Blackberry. I'm looking south to Washington. Click on it for a closer look.