Monday, May 31, 2010

Rain on my parade

I don't have any pictures from today's River Forest Memorial Day parade (one of my favorite events of the year) because I was afraid to expose my camera to the torrential downpour. My in-laws are in town and our car only seats 5, so I took my bike to the parade (with A in the bike seat). Just as we arrived it started raining and by the time the first fire trucks came blaring down Ashland, thunder was booming, lightning flashing and we were soaked to the bone by sheets and sheets of pouring rain. Josh's parents wanted to stay and see the whole parade, but not even the free candy could keep my wet, chilled children amused for another minute. We bundled them up in the car and I raced Josh home on my bike. At that point I just had to embrace the soaked sensation and focus on trying to see--which was tough, as anyone who's ever showered with her contacts in and her eyes open can imagine.

But while our Memorial Day was kind of a bust, the rest of this weekend's been great. I had Friday off, which meant I got to do the pick up and drop off on Z's last day of school and take A to get a haircut.
Saturday morning we biked to the farmers market and cooled off at the just-switched-on splashpad at our local park. Josh's parents babysat on Saturday so that we could have dinner at the Chew Chew in Riverside. On Sunday Josh, his folks and Z went to a Cubs game. A wouldn't nap, but we were able to join the rest of Oak Park at Rehm pool for our first swim of the season. We then drove way north to meet the rest of the family at Sun Wah BBQ for dinner. I'm not a typically a huge fan of Chinese food, but the Peking duck, soft-shell crab and the shrimp dumpling soup with noodles were all amazing.