Monday, May 10, 2010

My Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is watching your children swing "spider-style," with your firstborn's arms wrapped tightly around her little sister's back. It's seeing your oldest teach her sister how to swing sideways. It's listening to your girls shriek with delight as they bash into each other again and again.

Mother's Day is a bike ride to the park with Z proudly leading the way on her two-wheeler, streamers a-flying and A singing in the trailer behind me. It's a morning of seed-collecting and silly dancing. With no whining. No tears. No threats of time outs and early trips home.



Mother's Day is A taking a long nap while Z and her dad see How to Tame Your Dragon in 3-D. It's meeting up with friends at the park and laughing over Five Guys burgers in their dining room while the kids slurp popsicles and whisper secrets in each others' ears in the yard.

And it's getting home by bedtime and washing off the sand, dirt, juice, ketchup and snot off their faces so their sweet cheeks are ready for bedtime kisses.