Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dentist: don't pull my baby's teeth!

About 6 to 8 weeks ago A launched herself off the couch and landed on a wooden trunk that we use as a side table. She howled with pain, and upon examining her mouth, I swore that her two top front teeth looked like they had moved slightly. I also found a small 2 tooth indentation mark on the side of the trunk. I suggested Josh take her to the dentist "just to check her out," but by the next day A seemed fine and we forgot all about the incident. It didn't even register as blogworthy. Bad, neglectful parents.

Anyway, it all came flooding back yesterday at her 6 month checkup. The dentist noticed some discoloration on one tooth and took an X-ray to evaluate the damage. Apparently there's some danger an abscess could form and damage her adult teeth. Which means that if things don't look good when the dentist checks again in 6 weeks, they're going to pull one or both of her two front teeth. Gah!

Can you imagine my adorable ragamuffin with no front teeth for years? The alternative (expensive, I'm sure) is some kind of kiddie veneers bonded to the neighboring teeth.

Z also had a check-up and was determined to possess a healthy mouth, an inquisitive brain (she peppered the dentist with questions and impressed her with her knowledge of teeth and gums), and a 100 percent chance of needing orthodontia.

Anyway, it looks like I'll be wiping out my FSA account before the year is halfway over.

If there's one bright side to all this news, it's that my kids were complimented on their excellent oral hygiene and cheerful, cooperative dispositions.