Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Around the house: from disaster to delicious

We're having our front porch roof replaced and new gutters hung today. This is what the house looked like this evening around 6:30pm.
And then on the backporch, a much more tranquil scene door: A and Adrian, her daycare provider's son (they live 2 doors down).
They've become very good friends.

This is the show the littles were watching.
Next door neighbor Ethan and his friend Chris, Adrian's older brother. Note the spaghetti of ladders in the background. We have very nice, patient neighbors. The kind who don't roll their eyes when your construction workers block their driveway, throw roofing materials on their lawn and work until 8:30pm (yes, they're still here, cleaning up in the dark).

Tonight also marked our inaugural trip to Hole in the Wall.