Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I need to remember this

A has no trouble expressing herself. She's got an extraordinary vocabulary, speaks in complex sentences and usually at maximum volume. (Seriously, the girl does not have an off switch!) But she does have a few adorable 2-year-old quirks that I must capture before they vanish forever.

Pasghetti=spaghetti (doesn't every toddler say this?)

When she wants to play with me, she usually says, "You wanna be Note-sa? You can be the baby and I can be the Mom! Yeah! Isn't that a great idea?" Note-sa is her go-to baby name. The Mom's name is usually Sara. If I agree to play, she continues. "It's time for you to take a nap. Lie down! No, on the couch! Feet up! Close eyes. I gonna tuck you in."

She then positions her face thisclose to mine and sings me a broken version of "Rock A Bye Baby." She kisses me and walks in the other room. "Now call 'Mama!'" I dutifully say "Mama" and she runs in, "What's the matter, Note-sa?" I repeat one of A's excuses for not wanting to nap and she parrots me, saying "You need to take a nap" or "We all sleep in our own beds." I get one final kiss and then she announces, "Okay, now I can be the baby and you can be the Mom. Okay? Doesn't that sound like a fun idea? I gonna lie down and you can tuck me in."

Another variation on the game goes like this: "Let's play babysitter! You can be Adriana. I gonna bring my baby to you. You can take care of her. Now I go to work. I'll pick up Note-sa later, when I done working. I gonna take a train." This is said as she wheels a doll baby over to me and hands her off. Then she tosses a purse over her shoulder and blows kisses.