Monday, April 26, 2010

Check out this getup

In case you couldn't guess, A put together this outfit all by herself. Pink long-sleeved t-shirt from Old Navy (it's silk-screened "Deer to Daddy's heart), blue leggings, pink socks, sparkly shoes and Z's old ice cream cone nightgown.

And yes, she wore it to the park with pride.

Speaking of giving my girls the freedom to make their own decisions... Z's been telling me for two weeks that she's ready to get her ears pierced. For two years, I've told her she can get her ears pierced whenever she's ready, but that it will hurt. On Saturday we stopped at Claire's, we picked our a small pair of CZ studs and she sat in the chair. She asked to see the piercing tool and watched the manager pierce a demonstration ear.

And then she changed her mind. I told her we'd come back when she was really ready. I'm not at all opposed to kids getting their ears pierced (although I've told her no dangly earrings until she's 12), but I'm not going to pressure her either.