Sunday, March 27, 2011

The karma of sharing kids' stuff

The coat, dress, tights & shoes are "new"
While I'd donated money to the Red Cross to support those affected by the triple crises in Japan, I welcomed the opportunity to help in a more personal way last week. A friend I know from a private online mothers group was arriving in Chicago from Tokyo with her husband and two little girls. Due to the relief effort going on, their airfreight wasn't going to leave Japan any time soon. And while the weather here is still bone-chillingly cold, all the stores are selling spring and summer clothes. Exclusively.

So I ran around the house gathering up extra coats, hats, sweaters and mittens and brought them downtown to hand off to her husband. While I was at it, I rounded up some outgrown toddler shoes and boots for my coworker's daughter.

And karma came back to me in a big way. Saturday morning one of the mothers from Z's 1st grade class swung by with three bags full of hand-me-down clothes and shoes from her (slightly bigger) daughter. Not only did the clothing provide 2 hours of entertainment for a playdate (the girls matched outfits and put together a pajama fashion show), it has entirely relieved me from buying Z sneakers, leggings and pajamas for the next year! And Saturday afternoon another friend came by to return Z's 12" bike, which I'd loaned to their daughter late last summer. The sun might have faded the bike seat and handlebar cushion, but they'd added training wheels and a sassy/shill ladybug bell, making it a thrilling arrival for A, who's decided she's ready for a big girl bike this summer.