Sunday, July 31, 2011

Best. Dinner. Ever.

We've spent a lot--even too much--on foodie dining this year, but nothing beats the private "underground" dining experience we had Saturday night at One Sister chef Iliana Regan's apartment. Josh recruited 3 other couples from among our food-loving friends, and the 8 of us were joined by 2 other couples at a square table for 12, cordoned off from the living room by a curtain. The dinner started at 8 and went on well past midnight, but I felt like it flew by. Surrounded my many of my favorite people, drinking amazing wine and experiencing over a dozen delicious dishes--each one unlike anything I've ever eaten before, many originating in either the chef's backyard garden or family farm in Indiana... it will go down as one of the best, most memorable nights of my life.

And the most amazing thing? The price tag. It was just $90 per person plus gratuity and another $35 or so per couple for the wine Jay picked out at a wine store familiar with One Sister's menu.
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