Friday, July 01, 2011

Dutch Wonderland, my new favorite amusement park

We've been mourning the loss of Kiddieland, but a visit to Lancaster's Dutch Wonderland earlier this week gave us the dose of tame amusement park rides we've been missing. We met up with my high school BFF Franny and her family, who were visiting family in Harrisburg, and together we went from 5:30 until the 8:30 closing, taking full advantage of our discounted "twilight" tickets (along with--hold on to your yarmulkes--what appeared to be an entire Orthodox Jewish congregation).
A proved quite the daredevil, going on every ride she was tall enough to board--even riding in the front car of the roller coaster with her tiny hands up. Z preferred the swings, riding them 3 times in a row. (One of the advantages of going at the end of the day is that there are no lines and the worn out attendants are perfectly happy to let kids just stay on as long as they like.