Monday, February 27, 2012

Goodbye furniture!

The Brown Elephant furniture truck arrived early Sunday afternoon to pick up our sofa, matching loveseat and ottomans, but they turned down the loveseat thanks to the cat scratches marring one arm. "We've gotten really picky," they said as they handed me a tax receipt and 25% off coupon.

Ten minutes later I had a listing up on Craig's List under Free. Five minutes after that I got my first response. The women arrived quickly and assured me that the scratched up loveseat was "nothing compared to what our 9 cats have done to our furniture." I helped them heave it onto the roof of their minivan and they "secured" it with bungie cords.

Now I'm not one to perpetuate stereotypes, but I did pause to notice that my second-hand furniture was snubbed by a gay men's charity only to be snapped up by a lesbian couple.

Anyway, last night we watched the Oscars On the Red Carpet broadcast from the rug in the middle of our otherwise empty living room. Ada oohed and ahhed over every dress, while Zoe remarked "They're showing too much of their breasts. It's embarrassing."

Our new furniture arrives on Wednesday!