Monday, April 09, 2012

A Passover potluck

Sunday was pretty much perfect. I joined some Derby Lite ladies for a sunny 9am skate along the lakefront (the first 3.5 miles were a cakewalk, but skating back against the wind was much more challenging).

I got home, showered and had lunch with the girls, but shortly thereafter a neighborhood sitter came over and kept them happily occupied playing "family" and "school" while Josh and I picked up a few last minute items for that evening's party. Then, while Josh read and dosed (he'd been up until 2am at a show Saturday night) I got busy in the kitchen.

When the sitter left, I put Zoe and Ada to work, having them clean and set the tables for our party, a meat-free Passover potluck. We had four families over for dinner, which meant a total of 10 adults and 11 kids (the 7 little girls greatly outnumbered the boys). The company (all of whom are new friends this year) was delightful and the food was delicious. I made tsimmes, apple kugel, a fruit salad and toffee-chocolate matzo. Others brought lemon soup, a green salad, chocolate-almond matzo, homemade gefilte fish (a revelation) and homemade cheese. Naturally, the (older) kids turned their noses up at  the spread and ate peanut butter straight from the jar. As I was putting leftovers away, I realized I'd also made and neglected to serve egg salad. Guess who is going to be eating that all week?