Monday, May 14, 2012

A Mother's Day gift of sibling harmony

Untitled Mother's Day came early for me. My kids chose this weekend to get along with each other.

Friday night Josh had a concert to review, so I took the girls to Hole in the Wall for frozen custard. It was Ada's first time biking anywhere (other than around the block), and Zoe was pretty gracious about waiting for us slow folks (her little sis on training wheels and me on foot) at every intersection. The shop accidentally upsized Zoe's cone from kiddie to full-sized, and rather than gloat about her enormous ice cream, Zoe reassured her jealous sister that she "definitely wouldn't finish all that ice cream." She also took it upon herself to continuously wipe Ada's disgustingly messy chocolate frozen custard face.

UntitledBut the sibling harmony continued on Saturday! Zoe left Ada and me alone to bake Pinterest-inspired pretzels and oatmeal no-bake "energy balls." Then the three of us headed to the library, where Zoe read Ada a long fairy tale book until it was time to head across the street for Zoe's haircut. At the salon, Zoe let Ada sit next to her and play on the iPod Touch while Zoe had her hair reshaped into a stylish graduated bob.

Josh picked us up and the whole family went to the Depot American Diner for lunch. The food was a little off this time, but having the next hour all to myself to do a little shoe shopping more than made up that. And the cherry on my new TOMS shoes was coming home to find Zoe and Ada well intwined on the couch in front of Alice in Wonderland.

Mother's Day Sunday was pretty good too. Josh and the girls let me sleep in, and when I finally padded downstairs, they presented me with cards and fresh crepes. Ada and I played at the newly remodeled Taylor Park while Zoe was at Hebrew school, and Sunday afternoon the whole family headed to UIC Pavilion for some roller derby action. Interestingly enough, I bought Zoe a pack of derby trading cards and she immediately overcame her shyness, hounding all the skaters for autographs.
New haircut
Zoe's new haircut