Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cough, sneeze, wheeze and cry

Welcome to the sick ward. While she seems fine during the day and she hasn't been hit with a fever yet, Z's got a nasty-sounding nighttime cough. She refuses to take medicine, but I'm contemplating spiking a cup of OJ with Benadryl. In the meantime, she's getting some relief from Vicks BabyRub and a humidifier.

What she isn't getting is this message: Please don't kiss Baby A's face while you have a cough.

"But I'm not coughing right now," she retorts. Which is literally true, even if the previous moment witnessed her coughing into her elbow (good) and wiping her nose with her hand (ick).

It may already be a lost cause because A is pitifully congested. And miserable. She cried nonstop for over an hour tonight. About 55 minutes longer than she's ever cried before. There were real tears, for goodness sake!

I'm hoping for a quick recovery on all fronts, but in the meantime I need to get a little something off my chest: I really like using the snot sucker on my baby. It is so satisfying to extract a ginormous booger from my baby's tiny nostrils.