Sunday, October 03, 2010

I (gasp) wish this weekend wasn't ending

It's a little embarrassing to admit, but sometimes I look forward to Monday mornings. Too often our weekends are likemarathons of picking up (only to have the house messy within an hour), preparing our children food (only to scrape 90% of it into the trash) and taking the kids on supposedly fun outings that no one seems to enjoy that much (or at least express any gratitude for).

This weekend was different. I kicked off Saturday morning with a 2 hour roller derby-style workout class (fun and fitness!), and swung by the farmers market on the way home (no doughnut requests!). After an early lunch, I dropped Z off at a neighbor's house and hit the Parenthesis Consignment Sale's 1/2 price mark-down sale while Josh put A down for a nap.

When I got home, A was asleep and Z was gone, and Josh and I got to indulge in a midday DVD viewing of Louis. A woke up as Z got home, but there was only an hour to kill before our Saturday mother's helper arrived. We have 2 mother's helpers now, a 7th grader and a 5th grader who entertain the girls while at least one of us is in the house. It is a sanity saver for us and the girls love spending time with kids old enough to be cool, but not too cool to play with them.

Our Saturday hit a snag when, at 5:30, I checked my phone to see that our 6pm babysitter had texted me that she was sick with strep. Fortunately our daycare provider saved the day and we were able to keep our date with the Swifts: dinner at Marion Street Cheese Market (I had the bison burger and an exploding glass of red wine) and a live comedy performance starring none other than Louis C.K. He was vulgar and wrong and absolutely hilarious. I suffered hiccups for most of the show.

Sunday offered more kid-free moments and entertainment. I finished knitting this lovely slouchy cabled hat while Z was at Sunday school (and A imprisoned in the babysitting room).

And Josh and I took in a matinee of highly entertaining Facebook biopic The Social Network as yet another neighbor girl (newly babysitting) watched the kids.