Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SinuCleanse Kids Mist: It beats nose-picking by a mile

I'm a proponent of the sinus-clearing neti pot, but I'm always shocked when I hear anecdotes of small children mastering the technique. As used to it as I am, pouring salt water in one nostril and out the other isn't an altogether pleasant sensation, and doing it right isn't exactly child's play.

So I was intrigued to hear that SinuCleanse was introducing a saline mist product specifically for kids. I accepted a free sample of their Kids Mist and offered it to Z as an alternative to her near-constant, furtive nose picking. I was surprised she was willing--nay, excited--to self-administer the nose spray, but I think it helped that is was designed specifically for her.

As you can see, she has no trouble managing the spray bottle, which delivers an ultra-fine mist of preservative-free saline solution (3 vials are included). I can see how this product would be great for clearing tiny baby noses as well--and without the drippy mess and large dropper size of more typical saline nose sprays.

Disclosure: I received 2 samples of SinuCleanse Kids Mist for review. My 3 year old has yet to try hers.