Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy hooky day

I took a day off work today so that I could have breakfast out with Josh, attend a holiday blogger get-together at the 1800 Baskets headquarters in nearby west suburban Melrose Park and get my nails done.

After ushering the girls to the bus stop and preschool, we went out for pancakes at the new Delia's Kitchen on Lake Street in downtown Oak Park. As I'd heard from others, it's a  huge improvement over the sad sack Maple Tree Cafe. The food didn't rival the American Depot Diner for deliciousness (and the stodgy light wood decor didn't add much atmosphere), but the addition of Intelligentsia coffee and a menu reminiscent of the Original Pancake House (hello Cherry Kijafa crepes!) should translate into a thriving business. I also noticed a well-priced kids menu that will surely meet with Z and A's approval.

After heading home to wrap Hanukkah gifts and driving west to indulge in wine, cheese and Fannie Mae chocolates at the "Home for the Holidays" blogger event, I swung by Old Navy to pick up a $7 fleece for my perpetually cold older daughter and got myself a purplish-grayish manicure at Avenue Nails.

But the day got better yet! My dear friend Kate (she of the brand new 3rd baby) offered up her DKNY little black dress. I headed to her place to try it on--and it fits!