Monday, November 08, 2010

The Tri-Star Gymnastics birthday party

I want my child's triceps
I want to award the two coaches who led Z's 6th birthday party at Tri-Star Gymnastics in Forest Park a perfect 10. For $200, we had the enormous gym all to ourselves. The coaches led the girls in a warm-up, stretches and tons of fun exercises on the equipment to the Kidz Bop soundtrack Z provided, keeping them busy and challenged for nearly the entire 2 hour block.

Z was thrilled to get to demonstrate all of the skills she's mastered for her friends and I was impressed by how capable she's become after 2 years of classes. It was probably the most pleasant, relaxing birthday party we've thrown yet--the girls all got along famously, A kept up with the big kids and Z was sweet and gracious. Since the coaches had everything under control, Josh and I were free to take pictures and do our weekly meal-planning.

The gymnastics portion ended about 15 minutes before the end of the party, leaving us just enough time to serve cupcakes, milk and juice to 16 very hungry girls.

I made yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles, using the two new boxed mixes from Trader Joe's. Their frosting is miles better than anything in a can--probably because it's made with a stick of butter instead of transfatty, shelf-stable shortening. I recommend it. I also don't feel bad about (once again) forgoing goodie bags. Only one kid asked if there were any and I was saved the hassle and expense of preparing a bunch of sacks of cheap Made-in-China trinkets.
You can see more photos from the birthday party here.