Monday, April 04, 2011

Changes are afoot in the Klein house

First it was the spring cleaning--clearing out toys my kids have outgrown and clothes I haven't worn all season for whatever reason. Then it was the rearranging of Z's room to accommodate a desk and chair and the clearing out of other rooms to get painted.

Last week we had our dining room, master bedroom, A's room and the bathroom professionally painted. I'm anxious to share before-and-after photos, but I want to wait until the rooms a little more "done." So I'm looking for rugs, reconsidering the placement of art and--in the most dramatic move--rearranging the dining room to make it less of a play area and more of a grown-up space.

Please, please arrive tonight!
The art table is going to go downstairs. The 7 foot bookshelf will be relocated or sold and a vintage sideboard (pictured) is coming in. I'll finally have a buffet and a place to store platters, extra silverware and the china set my mom's been threatening to give to me for the past decade!

Anyway, the piece is a 1958 Davis Cabinet Company Walnut buffet. Kate went with me to Edgewater to check it out in person last night and I handed over my $250 in cash. Called a mover I'd used to collect my dining room table and chairs and he agreed to pick it up after we finished our (delicious!) dinner at Big Jones. Only he got waylaid and now the plan is to have it picked up and delivered to Oak Park tonight. Fingers crossed all will go well.