Thursday, December 08, 2011

On Daddy...

As a follow-up to asking Ada about me, Josh interviewed both girls with the same questions about himself.

1. What is something Daddy always says to you?
Ada: “I love you.”
Zoe: “Go to your room.” 
2. What makes Daddy happy?
Ada: “Smiling and me being happy.” 
Zoe: “When we’re good.” 
3. What makes Daddy sad?
Ada: “Being bad.”
Zoe: “When we’re crying.”
4. How does Daddy make you laugh?
Ada: “Tickling me!”
Zoe: “Sitting on me.” 
5. What was Daddy like as a child?
Ada: “Being good for his momma.”
Zoe: “Had curly hair.” 
6. How old is Daddy?
Ada: “25”
Zoe: “36” 
7. How tall is Daddy?
Ada: “100!”
Zoe: “Hmm, maybe four foot seven or eight? Is that right?”
8. What is Daddy’s favorite thing to do?
Ada: “Work at home when I’m at school.” 
Zoe: “Write on the computer.” 
9. What does Daddy do when you’re not around?
Ada: “Work on the computer” 
Zoe: “Eat.”
10. If Daddy becomes famous, what will it be for?
Ada: “Being a scientist.” 
Zoe: “His articles being in the newspaper a lot.” 
11. What is Daddy really good at?
Ada: “Being on the computer.” 
Zoe: “Guitar.” 
12. What is Daddy not very good at?
Ada: “Ice skating.” 
Zoe: “Rollerskating.” 
13. What does Daddy do for his job?
Ada: “Help Zoe do her homework.” 
Zoe: “Daddy goes to concerts and then writes about them.” 
14. What is Daddy’s favorite food?
Ada: “Chicken.” 
Zoe: “Tied between chicken and fish. I mean, salad and fish!”
15. What makes you proud of Daddy?
Ada: “To cuddle with you.” 
Zoe: “He’s the funniest daddy in the whole wide world.”
16. If Daddy were a cartoon character, who would he be?
Ada: “A mermaid.” 
Zoe: “Charlie Brown. Or Scooby-Doo.” 
17. What do you and Daddy do together?
Ada: “Eat yummy lunch.” 
Zoe: “Go to museums with Hank.”