Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Losing my mummy tummy

Thanks to skating 4 hours a week and generally staying active, I'm in about the fittest shape of my adult life--certainly post childbearing. But I hadn't been able to lose the dreaded "mummy tummy," a stomach that protruded slightly  and was a very unsightly distraction from a figure I'm otherwise quite happy with.

On the recommendation of a fellow Derby Lite skater, I decided to enroll in Bonnie Wayne's Tupler Technique workshop with the goal of reducing my stomach roll by shrinking my diastasis recti (the space between my separated stomach muscles). Bonnie took before photos and measurements, demonstrated exercises (none of which are very taxing; think more like kegels for your abs) and fitted us with splints. I wore my splint every night and while exercising and I was reasonably good about doing the exercises. I definitely didn't do the recommended number of sets, but I did do them correctly.

It paid off! You can see my belly is a bit more toned in Bonnie's after photo of me. (I'm not sucking it in because I didn't want to give her program any undue credit.) I've also had my consciousness raised; thanks to Bonnie, I've gotten in the habit of standing up straighter, rolling my shoulders back and pulling my belly button toward my spine, all of which make me look less frumpy and fat. Now if only I could convince my 4 year old to stop patting my much-flatter stomach and saying "There's a baby in your belly, right Mom?"