Thursday, June 21, 2012

My $13 prescription eyeglasses

$100+ Jessica McClintock
I got PRK laser vision correction about two years ago. I have 20-15 vision and I love it. But I'm getting older and 9+ hours of sitting in front of a screen every day was giving me headaches.

So I got a pair of reading/computer glasses. They're about as strong as the cheaters you see sold at the drugstore, but since each of my eyes are slightly different, the cheaters weren't quite doing the job for me.

I used my vision insurance plan to get fitted for a traditional pair of glasses. Yes, insurance paid for more than half, but these glasses cost about $150. They're on an off all day long and I was afraid I'd lose them. I feared a day at the office without them, so I was reading on the train and at home without their benefit.

$13 no-name
So I went online to Zenni Optical (famous for their $6.95 glasses) and ordered a second pair. Same prescription. Same wait time (about a week). These ones were $12.95 + shipping. And I think I like them a little better!