Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Updates! Updates! Updates!

The Eyes
It's the question on everyone's lips: How are the eyes? So, 1 1/2 weeks post-PRK laser vision correction, I'm pretty happy with my results. There's no pain or discomfort and I can see 20/25 in both eyes. That said, I'm having trouble focusing, which means everything is just a little blurry. This makes working on a computer and reading a lot more challenging, but I'm managing. If anything, the temptation to read and comment on blogs and otherwise while away the hours online is completely gone and I've found myself listening to my iPod a lot more (music, podcasts, NPR radio, etc.). I've also picked up my knitting and am making good progress on a cabled slouchy hat I'm making for myself.

I've been reassured many, many times by Dr. Kraff and his staff that gradual improvements are the norm, that I'm healing beautifully, and I should expect to marked improvement in 1-4 more weeks.

Sleep "Training"
Thanks to the empathy and advice I got from my blog twin Whitney of Rookie Moms, whose 3 year old daughter Scarlett also had a sleep regression lately, we've made progress. A's been tucking a doll into a doll bed every night and letting me know in the morning if "she sleeped all night." We still sit with her as she falls asleep, but we've gradually moved from the glider in her room to a chair in the hallway. The hope is that we can then move from a chair in the hallway to general visibility on the second floor and then back to a kid who can fall asleep on her own. In the meantime, setting up camp in the lighted hall means I can knit, listen to my iPod, mess around on the computer, read a magazine or pay attention to Z as she quietly reads a Rainbow Fairies book aloud from her doorway.

Most nights A's slept through, but the few times she's awakened in the middle of the night, it's only taken a brief sit on the hallway chair before she falls back asleep and one of us parents can tip-toe back to bed.

Work and Travel
I spent 2 nights in Cincinnati last week and had the most amazing sushi. Fresh and authentic, Jo An Japanese Restaurant is located in an unassuming office park near the airport and it supposedly opened for the Japanese executives of the nearby Toyota plant. If you're ever in Cinci, go there.

Even though my team only moved from the 14th to the 20th floor in January, we're movin' on up again on Friday--this time to the 24th floor. They're packing us in like sardines, which means I'll be sharing an office with my account management counterpart. Good thing I like her!

In other work/travel news, I am moderating a panel on how moms use social media in mid-October in NYC. I'm bringing the whole family along for a long weekend of sightseeing, friend-visiting and food. Delicious New York food.