Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday shopping report: New eyes, new body

New eyes
flickr photo of Lasik by Space Pirate
Queen (Creative Commons)
As I write this, I'm just a couple of hours away from LASIK surgery. With my employer discount, it is working out to $4100. And my very generous mom is kicking in $2000 (Thanks, Mom!). Yes, I'm nervous. Also, excited.

New body
Did I mention I signed up for Derby Lite, a roller-derby inspired workout class? Well, in addition to the park district fee, I had to shell out for a helmet and knee, elbow and wrist pads ($108), roller skate rental ($50) and a boil-to-fit hot pink mouthguard ($39.99). Now all I need are some fishnets knee high tube socks.

Also, a Groupon
I couldn't resist the $10 at Oak Park's Jerusalem Cafe for just $5 Groupon* offered earlier this week.

We didn't buy
I found a pair of skinny 5-slim jeans on sale at Gap Kids for just $9.99, but even rail-thin Z deemed them too tight and uncomfortable so they went back.

*Affiliate link