Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Screw fear, I'm getting Lasik!

I've considered getting Lasik every fall for the past 12 or so years, but this year I'm finally gathering up my nerve (and $4100!) and going under the knife laser. My ragweed allergies have become so unbearable I can't wear contacts at all and I hate wearing glasses.

I had my initial screening at the Kraff Eye Institute during my lunch hour today, and because I'm never one to move slowly, I immediately canceled last week's contact lenses order and booked my Lasik procedure for this Friday afternoon!

For those of you curious about the process, I have a 2 hour pre-operative appointment tomorrow and a 2 hours surgery appointment on Friday at 1:30. I'll be given Valium and numbing eye drops before the operation and should be ready to walk out of there by 3:30pm. I may miss Kol Nidre services that night, but I should be fully functioning for Saturday morning.

It kind of blows my mind. Not unlike looking up and seeing Z at the top of her elementary school climbing apparatus. Or can I still call it monkey bars?