Thursday, September 30, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

I'm a copywriter. So, apparently, is my 5 year old. Take a look at this note she penned for her new friend Rachel. The cover of this inspired "direct mail" piece says "Rachel!!!"

Dear Rachel, I am telling you that I am mailing you a Amercin girl catalog. It is super fun. It is ful of Americin girls. It sells Americin girl coloths and fumicher [furniture]. It is so fun!!!!!!! Love, [Z] Klein.

A Julie is amasing. you shood get her but they are 100 dollers. This is Julie the Amercin girl.

The back story here is that Z desperately wants 3 historical American Girl dolls (the mix changes periodically, but I think Kaya and Kit are in the lead). I told her I'd request an American Girl catalog so we could pick one out for her upcoming birthday, and I did. It was supposed to have arrived a week and a half ago, but much-anticipated catalog hasn't shown up yet.