Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday shopping report

I was so good this week. The only thing I bought was a copy of Laura Lippmann's What the Dead Know (using store credit, no less!). I haven't started it yet, as I'm still reading last Friday's book as well as a library copy of the child development book NurtureShock, which is sure to be the subject of an upcoming blog post. I'm only 75 pages in, but it reads like Freakonomics for Parents; it's a research-based but highly-readable book that turns conventional wisdom on its head.

I didn't buy
Since I'm embarking on something of a diet plan, I didn't eat out at all this week. Instead, I packed my lunches and kept a meticulous food diary, both on paper and at MyPlate. I plant to keep this up until I'm back in the mid-130s, weight-wise.

I flipped through Boden and Lands End catalogues, but I'm going to try to hold off on purchasing any fall or winter clothes until I audit what's currently in storage.