Saturday, September 25, 2010

My school kids

The chameleon rests in his tree. His skin has peaceful colors. He wakes up hungry for a juicy insect. He looks this way...And that way. No food! No food! He must find a new tree home. What's this a scorpion[?] Watch out chameleon scorpion's stinger is poisonous. Carefully the chameleon creeps past.

Z's been writing up a storm since school began, declaring her love for her teacher, issuing invitations to friends to elaborate themed events, penning pleas for American Girl dolls and planning her birthday party down to the minute. She also writes stories, which I really treasure. I checked in with her teacher this week to see how she's adjusting to 1st grade, and it seems that aside from her tiny size she fits in perfectly. She's working above grade level and making friends.

A started Montessori preschool this week and the report from her teacher read, in part:

"[A] is always busy! Her main focus has been practical life. Flower arranging and cloth washing are her favorites. Today she was shown banana slicing and stayed focused throughout the entire process. We tend to lose her during the clean up stage of a longer sequence but today she followed through until every item was cleaned on back on the shelf. I think it helped that she was able to wash the items in the sink! She is very vocal and able to stand up for herself and her work. It is great that she isn't timid with all the new children or wary of the new environment. She is a very confident girl!"