Wednesday, September 08, 2010

This class fits just right

We attended the open house/curriculum night at Z's school yesterday and got a chance to meet her new 1st grade teacher and many of her classmates, and we came away with a major case of the warm fuzzies.

We were pleasantly surprised to find 3 familiar faces among the girls in the class--1 neighbor and 2 children who used to attend Z's Montessori school. The teacher seems energetic and very well qualified and the academic challenges are just what my daughter's hungry for. She's actually excited to be responsible for completing homework, writing in her weekend journal and diving into math, social studies and reading. The G&T teacher introduced himself to us and said he'd be working with the 1st graders (including Z) four times a week.

It looks like this will be a smooth transition and it makes my heart swell to know how many people are already looking out for Z--her new teacher, her kindergarten teacher and the gifted and talented teacher are all checking in on her today to see how she's adjusting. We're blessed to have such a great school in our neighborhood.