Monday, June 11, 2007

I'll try anything

Headstands in the pool? Check. Lying on my back with a bunch of pillows under my butt? Check. Listening to Hypnobirthing scripts? Sitting on an exercise ball? Chiropractic's Webster Technique? Check, check and check.

At 35 weeks pregnant with my second breech baby, it seemed the only thing I hadn't tried was acupuncture, so on my midwife's insistence, now I'm giving that a go too. See the picture of the needle in my pinkie toe? We're complementing the professional poking with moxibustion at home, which means all of our neighbors think we've been lighting up a bong at sunset.

I'm really hoping this little girl decides to get with the program and turn head down. I really don't want another C-section.

If I'm still presenting as breech in a couple of weeks, I'll let them attempt an external version. And if that doesn't work, I'll settle for the section, knowing I've done everything I possibly could to avoid it.