Sunday, June 03, 2007

Potty training boot camp, day 3

The bad news is that every morning we start over again. The good news is that after Z's had an accident, she starts volunteering to use the potty.

Here's what I mean:
6:20am: wake up in a damp Pull-Up. No interest in using the potty.
8:30: Starts acting like she needs to go. Occasionally agrees to sit on the potty, but mostly whines and clings to me. Wants to be carried around.
9:30: Really acting like she needs to go. Sits on the potty for 15 minutes, but she's holding it in.
10:00: We leave for a playgroup brunch at Deb's house. Z still hasn't peed or had an accident. I line her carseat with a beach towel and she asks if she can "pee on the blanket." I say no, let's pee at Sammy's house.
10:15: We make it to the brunch without incident, but Z's not acting like herself. Super whiny and clingy with her legs crossed like pretzels.
10:20: Z slides off my lap and pees in her pants. We don't make it to the potty in time.
11:00: Z shouts "potty, potty" and we race toward it, but she slips in her own pee on Deb's kitchen floor. We make it to the potty in time to get a little bit in.
11:30: Z tells me she needs to go to the potty and this time we make it in time. Perhaps 2 drops are in her cotton training pants and the rest goes into the pot. Success!
No successful potty visits or visible accidents (although she is in her swimsuit for an hour) until naptime, when we put her in a Pull-Up.
3:15: She wakes up and tells us her Pull-Up is dry, which it is.

I think we're making progress, but this potty training thing? Not so much fun.