Thursday, October 18, 2007

My dance card is full

In the next 2 1/2 weeks before I return to work, I have the following penciled, penned and Sharpied onto my calendar:
  • Pumpkin-picking in Palos Park with our entire playgroup and their families
  • A visit from our old friend Beth B, who's in town for a wedding
  • A visit from my cousin, who's in town to see The Decemberists
  • A visit from my sister and her 5-month-old baby Eliza
  • Z's preschool class Halloween party
  • Z's preschool family Halloween party
  • Our neighborhood Halloween block party
  • Trick-or-treating on Halloween day
  • Z's 3rd birthday party at home
  • Z's birthday celebration at school
  • Two birthday parties for other little kids
  • "Observation" at Z's school (a Montessori version of the parent-teacher conference)
  • Baby A's first day at daycare
Here's to hoping my job will be a little less chaotic than my maternity leave.