Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Three months old today

Happy birthday, Baby A!

I can't believe how far you've come in such a short period of time. You came home from the hospital an eight pound lump with powerful suck reflex and now you're a fully interactive baby.

You weigh over 12lbs and boast a double chin and rolls of thigh fat. Which is amazing given that you drench us both in hot, sour spit-up after every feeding. In spite of being a little barf baby, you have outgrown all your 0-3 month clothes.

Your eyes are pewter and your hair's a fuzzy brown. You start the morning with a wry half smile, but it only takes a few words to get you to give us a big gummy grin. We love your funny hehehe laugh, and watching you watch other children it is clear you're taking it all in (and looking forward to joining in).

You sleep like a champ, down for the count at 6:30pm and only waking up once (if at all) for a feed-burb-poo before reveille at 7am.

I went back to work with your big sister was three months old, so I'm treasuring these extra couple of weeks we'll spend together before I swap our constant togetherness for a breast pump and a paycheck.