Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family time

We were out of the house at 8:15 this morning so we could have breakfast at Sweet Maple Cafe (mmmm...their egg and cheeser biscuit is divine) before driving to the House of Blues for Ziggy Marley's kids concert, Family Time. Ziggy took the stage after an interactive drum circle and played a 45 minute acoustic set of classic sing-a-long reggae songs like "Three Little Birds (Don't Worry about a Thing)," as well as a few originals, like "A is for Africa, B is for Brother" and "Family Time."

A was wiggly and a little fixated on snacking, but both girls enjoyed the concert tremendously. I think it was just the right length and volume for the young audience.

We got home before lunch/naptime and filled the baby pool we'd scored from a Freecycler. Z put on her swimsuit and A was wearing her birthday suit and a slathering of sunblock. Which made it particularly easy for her to "drop a kid off at the pool," if you know what I mean.

This evening we're going to take the girls to live musical performance, the first of the free summer concert series in Scoville Park. So tonight we'll be picnicking with friends to the sounds of an 80's cover band. Will we hear Taco's "Puttin' the Ritz?"

Updated on 6/15 to include this picture of Z and A dancing.