Monday, June 01, 2009

Our first American Girl Doll

"Mommy, before I come downstairs, I need to dress my D-O-L-L."

Z was spelling for the benefit of her little sister, because both girls are completely enamored with the Klein household's very first American Girl Doll, Nicki. I found the doll at a yard sale on Saturday, and paid $23 for her. A carried her home and spent 2 hours changing her and taking her to the potty. Nicki is supposedly a 10 year old ranch girl, but apparently she had a "mas poopies."

Since American Girl Dolls are really for a older girl audience, I told Z she could keep the doll sequestered in her room and out of A's sight. Hence the spelling.

Will the next step be a trip to that commercial shrine to girlhood and pricey playthings, the American Girl Place? I'll leave that to the grandparents.